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Art is completely, and wonderfully, subjective. Show one person a classic canvas, and they’re underwhelmed. Show them street art, and they’re engaged. Some people dislike digital art, while others find technology enhances the entire experience. Some people love abstract impressionism, others love hyper-realism. Some love Renaissance artists, while others prefer modern masters. Some love rosé, some prefer Cabernet Sauvignon, and some sip pinot noir. As many art – and wine-lovers are finding, paint and wine pair perfectly. “Paint and sip” events bring art to life in a new way.

What is Paint and Sip?

Many people consider art an elusive endeavor, creativity reserved for “geniuses” and “artists.” What they do not realize is that creativity lurks inside us all. It may be rusty from lack of use, but it is there. “Paint and Sip” establishments and events are built on the premise that art is enjoyable and it can be a relaxing social occasion that brings friends, family, and communities together.

The idea is as simple as it is brilliant: individuals or groups go to a paint and sip location to participate in an art lesson. This is typically led by a professional artist or high-level art student (this is a great way to tap into the local art community and highlight talented people).

The lessons usually surround a specific theme and guests recreate a chosen painting – with their own unique twists and style. The theme can be anything from spring flowers and autumn leaves to full moon rising and dancing in the rain. Guests are provided with paint, brushes, a pre-stretched canvas, a smock or apron, and, of course, a glass. All guests need to bring is enthusiasm and a willingness to let their inner artist shine printing photos.

In some businesses, guests are free to bring their own beverages, and those with licenses offer onsite options that lean heavily towards wine. The wine, or nonalcoholic beverage if guests prefer, is an integral part of the evening. It enhances the socializing aspect, while creating a low-stress environment. The wine flows, the paint flows, the creativity flows. Some establishments also offer open paint time. That is, people can opt to pay for an hour or two of unguided time in which they have access to all the supplies they need to create. For those who want to try out painting before investing in a class or their  own supplies, this is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the medium.

Accessible Art

The paint and sip idea has spread, and now you can find these activities in cafes, restaurants, and other locales. Unsurprisingly, it has also become a great way to fundraise for your favorite nonprofit or charity organization. In fact, for people “burned out” on charity 5ks, bake sales, and cheap tchotchkes find paint and sip events a refreshing change. And one that is more effective at opening the wallets and checkbooks.

As paint and sipper Janna Kuhn says, “Each time, my picture looks like something I never thought I could create. Somehow, it all turns out so well. I’m sure the wine helps.” A little liquid courage, or simply the relaxed, supportive atmosphere, encourages people to feel free to paint, to mess up, to paint over, and to create a piece of art that they can bring home or gift to a loved one. The entire environment makes art less intimidating for amateurs.

The point is not to make fine art or to discover the next Picasso or Julie Mehretu (though, perhaps they may be there, sipping on a glass of Burgundy). It is to make art accessible, to make it fun, and to encourage people to expand their own boundaries. Without the group, without the wine, many may not ever pick up a paintbrush and discover a soothing, fulfilling hobby – or a new passion.

Making art accessible and interactive can help spark further interest. It can lessen the intimidation of visiting galleries and museums, of trying classes, of investigating new artists, of purchasing pieces for their homes. Or it can help foster a love of relaxation and fun that brings peace and contentment to people’s lives. All in all, a very good result from a night of painting and wine.

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